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Rice Barge Dinner Cruise Bangkok

Welcome aboard Rice Barge Dinner Cruise Bangkok River Cruise Chaophraya River

Rice Barge Bangkok Dinner Cruise, Treat yourself to a memorable on board one of Bangkok ‘most traditional rice barges.Relax in rice barge boat comfort and dine on a variety of Thai dishes set menu onboard. While you slowly river cruise along the River of King “Chaophraya River ” passing the Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun, Grand Palace the Emerald buddha temple, Rama 8 bridge, River five star hotel and life along the Chaophraya river as it slowly starts to unwind after a busy day. You will enjoy with entertainment onboard by Thai classical traditional dance show. Come and enjoy with us every night in Bangkok.rice barge cruise Bangkok Thailand, Daily rice barge dinner cruise Chaophraya river by Wanfah Cruise, Loynava Cruise, Manohra Cruise, and Indian rice barge dinner cruise by Arc Areena Cruise. Enjoy every night in Bangkok Thailand.

WWanfah Cruise  

Wanfah Cruise

Wanfah Cruise, Thai traditional rice barge.Explore the Siam culinary experience on water. After an exciting day of travel, keep the rest of your time for relaxation with our fine traditional service. Welcome to our luxury boat restaurant with all kinds of attraction ranging from ancient relics to modern comforts. Do not miss a delightful experience for connoisseurs along the Chao Phaya River on Wan Fah Cruise, a comfortable boat restaurant among sparkling night lights to give you an exotic experience. During, your romantic dinner, you will see the music and Thai classical dances with take some par form the story of Ramayana, the great story of Hindu in India, and other show are about the native story of some part of Thailand. Wanfah Dinner Cruise will take you an dinner cruise night every day along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand.
Wanfah cruise 's  cruising time : 07.00 PM.- 09.00 PM.

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Loynava Cruise Luxury Rice Barge Dinner Cruise Bangkok Chaophraya River Thailand

Loy Nava Cruise

Loynava Cruise, A luxury rice barge dinner Bangkok, journey into Thai culture and the Thai heart. Five-star dining, traditional culture and touring, on the only antique teakwood rice barge on the river in Bangkok. Experience first-class Thai hospitality and delicious food from around Thailand in the comfort and tranquility of this luxury, open-air cruise. Loy Nava Cruise, the originator of Chao Phraya cruises and operator of the antique teak-wood rice barge the Tahsaneeya Nava, awaits with pleasure the opportunity to serve our special guests with the same attention to detail and standards as we have offered to royalty, celebrities and visitors from all parts of the world over the past thirty years. We will take you on a journey through Thai history, culture and gastronomy in a truly romantic ambiance and guarantee that it will be one of your most memorable experiences of your time in Thailand. Loynava Cruise ‘s cruising time: 06.00 PM. – 08.00 PM. And 08.00 PM- 10.00 PM.Halal food for Muslim available onbaord.

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Manohra Cruise Luxury Rice Barge 5 Star Dinner Cruise Bangkok Chaophraya River Thailand

Manohra Cruise

Manohra Rice Barge or Manohra Cruise of delegate gleaming wood; a romantic venue for a unique and cultural experience, come and enjoy with Manohra Cruise every day. 
The Manohra Cruise, Anantara Manohra cruise in Bangkok will guide you on the Chao Phraya River as to introduce you to the City of Angels by night…a spectacular and memorable experience! Dazzling Thai delicacies are served as to give you a delightful, cultural dining experience. The rice barges can accommodate up to 40 guests on joining dinner or private option. Free river taxi transfer from Taksin Public Pier to Manohra Cruises pier every 15 minutes. On prior arrangements,
We will be pleased to pick you up from the Manohra Cruises Pier, Sathorn Bridge or the Oriental Public Pier at your convenience. In route you will experience and enjoy the endless variety of river life – passing the famous Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) , the magnificent Grand Palace , the Royal Barges boat-house, and numerous other Temples.Halal food muslim available onbaord. Manohra Cruise ‘s cruising time: 07.30 PM. – 10.00 PM.Halal food for Muslim available onbaord.

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ARC Arena River Cruise Rice Barge Indian Dinner Cruise Bangkok Thailand

ARC Arena River Cruise (Indian Dinner Cruise Bangkok )

ARC Arena Cruise " Luxury rice barge Indian dinner cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok. Arena River Cruise is a refurbished rice barge that has an antique yet royal Thai ambience. It has capacity for up to 50 guests making the journey on the cruise an intimate one.Arena River Cruise or ARC cruise luxury rice barge Indian dinner cruise, buffet Indian & Thai dinner Cruise Chaophraya river Bangkok. ARC arena river cruise, Enjoy a large variety of mouthwatering Indian and Thai cuisines. It truly is a little bit of India in the heart of Bangkok. Guests may choose from a carefully selected range of premium spirits and wine which would simply enhance their entire experience. Guests will be entertained with an Indian live singer who will ensure guests are pleased by singing their requested melodies. Dine, drink and dance to the tunes of the singer while cruising along the magnificent Chaophraya river. Enjoy breathtaking views of temples and the beautifully lit up riverside venues. Daily dinner cruise requires prior seat reservation as it is an intimate. Arena Cruise ‘s cruising time 08.00 PM. – 10.30 PM. 

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The Rice Barge Dinner Crusie Bangkok, Cruising along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand. Chao Phraya River is the main river running through the capital city of Thailand Bangkok. It is a part of the lifestyle of Thai people who live by the river. It is in between Paha Nakhon side and Thonburi side; Cruising along the Chao Phraya river is a good way of seeing the lifestyle of the people and exploring the city. Its is a good experience to set in the River cruise while having a good meal along the river as well.

Beautiful views at night along the Chao Phraya River Bangkok Thailand

The Holy Rosary Church Bangkok,The Beautiful Night Scenery Along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand

Santa Cruz Church Bangkok,The Beautiful Night Scenery Along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand

Wat Kalayamit,The Beautiful Night Scenery Along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand

Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun ,The Beautiful Night Scenery Along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand

Grand Palace Bangkok, The Beautiful Night Scenery Along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand

Rama 8 Bridge Bangkok,The Beautiful Night Scenery Along the Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand

The Memorial Bridge is a bascule bridge over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand

The river cruises Chao Phraya River will be passing 5-star hotels along Chao Phraya River

Asiatique The Riverfront is the famous and popular waterfront open-air night market in Bangkok Thailand.

The Holy Rosary Church Bangkok
Located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, is one of the oldest Catholic Church in Bangkok, It is more widely known by ist older name Wat kalawar.
Santa Cruz Church Bangkok
Santa Cruz Church, one of the many old Catholic churches in Bangkok, was built in 1770 during the reign of King Taksin (1868 – 1782). This Church of the Holy Cross is a legacy of Portuguese-Siamese relations that date back to the 16th century.
Nestled among old houses on the river banks and newer buildings inland, the reddish dome of the old Catholic church is a prominent landmark on the Chao Phraya River. Descendants of the early Portuguese Catholics built the first Santa Cruz Church in 1770 after the fall of Ayutthaya. The Portuguese, the first Europeans in Siam, arrived in Ayutthaya shortly after they captured Malacca in 1511. 
Wat Kanlayanamitr Bangkok
The massive temple is close to the river on the Thonburi side, This is a mid-nineteenth century temple and one of the most prominent temples along the Chao Phraya River, 
Wat Arun or Temple of Down Bangkok
Wat Arun or the temple of Dawn is located on the Western bank of the Chau Phaya River. It s richly Decorated 79 meters high and got influence from Cambodia. Pagoda or "Phra - Prang" is particularly beautiful in the soft light of early morning or sunset and the Prang was decorated with Chinese porcelain
over 1 million pieces. Temple of Dawn got this name because King Taksin the great. The only one King of Thonburi dynasty flouted along this river and stopped In front of this temple early morning So the king named This temple " Temple of Dawn"
The Royal Grand Palace Bangkok
The Royal Grand Palace was built by King Rama I The first King of Bangkok Dynasty, by the year 1782 and took 2 Years to be done. The palace was done by the year 1784. There magnificent Buildings are the Royal and Religious Heart of the Nation. At the same compound with the palace also has the most beautiful Buddhist temple named the temple of Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaeo. But in fact The Emerald Buddha Image was made from The whole piece of jade. The image wan found At Chiengrai province on the northern part of Thailand. Once was took to Laos, and was kept There over zoo years. King Rama I took the image back to Thailand and housed at the temple of Emerald Buddha until at the present. The royal Grand palace was built in real Thai style. As you come to Bangkok don t miss the Grand palace. 
Rama VIII Bridge Bangkok
The Rama VIII Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. It was built to alleviate traffic congestion on the nearby Phra Pinklao Bridge. Construction of the bridge took place from 1999 to 2002. The bridge was opened on 7 May 2002 and inaugurated on 20 September, the birth anniversary of the late King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), after whom it is named. The bridge has an asymmetrical design, with a single pylon in an inverted Y shape on the west bank of the river. Its eighty-four cables are arranged in pairs on the side of the main span and in a single row on the other. The bridge has a main span of 300 meters (980 ft), and was one of the world's largest asymmetrical cable-stayed bridges at the time of its completion. The Rama VIII Bridge very beautiful bridge with gold color light in the night time on Choaphraya river Bangkok
Memorial Bridge or Phra Phutta Yodfa Bridge Bangkok
The Memorial Bridge is a bascule bridge over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, The Memorial Bridge connects the Phra Nakhon and Thonburi areas. The Memorial Bridge is construction started in December 1929 and The Memorial Bridge is opened on April 6 1932, marking 150 years of the Chakri Dynasty. The bridge is usually known as Memorial Bridge, although locals also call it Phra Phutta Yodfa Bridge after the emperor of the Chakri Dynasty.
5 Star Hotels along Chao Phraya River Bangkok
The river cruises Chao Phraya River will be passing 5-star hotels along Chao Phraya River;
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotels, Millennium Hilton Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and other prestigious buildings on both sides of the River are magnificent. The river view was even greater after dark along the Chaophraya River Bangkok. 
Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok
Asiatique The Riverfront is the famous and popular waterfront open-air night market in Bangkok Thailand. Asiatique The Riverfront that features restaurants and Bangkok shopping experience in one place on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. Asiatique The Riverfront is developed under the theme of ‘the living museum’ to show tourists about the history and Bangkok’s way of living in the past. You will marvel at the spectacular bird's eye views of Bangkok city and Chao Phraya River at night at the height of 60 meters. Now Asiatique becomes Bangkok’s main tourist destination because the place offers a great variety of shopping and dining experience. This lively night market houses hundreds of shops and restaurants that feature a great choice of casual dining restaurants, bars, fast food restaurants, street food stalls, dessert shops, clothing stores, toy stores, souvenir shops, creative arts and crafts shops, etc.