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Rice Barge Canal Tour Bangkok  
Bangkok Canal Tour, Every afternoon time in Chaophraya River with Bangkok Canal Tour by Rice Barge , Daily Departure

Bangkok Canal Tour, Canal Tour in Bangkok visit Bangkok Noi Canal by Bus Express Boat first and then move to Rice Barge Cruise with Welcome Drink and Buffet Thai Fruits onboard " Rice Barge " Our trip pass various canal and National Museeum of Royal Barges Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun , Temples.Enjoy to Rice Barge Canal Tour Daily at time: 14.00 hrs. - 16.30 hrs.

BANGKOK CANAL TOUR Or RICE BARGE CANAL TOUR ;This afternoon tour allow you to experience The timeless world of “ the Venice of the East , Bangkok Canal Tour and Rice Barge " The most exciting, spectacular, and vibrant Experience trip, a trip nothing to comparison an memorable experience of a lifetime, a dream come true.

Bangkok Canal Tour by Rice Barge Cruise and Express Bus Boat visit Bangkok Noi Canal Every Day in Bangkok at time: 14.30 -16.30 hrs.

The clients, They waiting for express boat at the cruise pier, Bangkok Canal Tour
Bangkok Boat Party Private Cruise Bangkok Thailand Tour Itinerary of Bangkok Canal Tour
13.00 Hrs. Pick up from hotel and transfer to River Cruise Pier ( Bangkok Cruise Tour Pier Center ). hotel pick up transfer in Bangkok pls.confirm booking before 10.30 am. of go to the pier by yourself affer confirmed we will sent pier map to you. 
14.00 - 15 Hrs. The trip starts by Bus Express Boat passing various canals and temples, Bangkok.You will touch a great on the water-way and see Thai people at home along the canals and Bangkok National Museum of Royal Barges . We will visit Klongmon canal – Bangkhunsri canal,  Klongchak - Pra canal - Bangkok -noi canal and then moves to Rice Barge boat at Wat Keelex then go along the Chao Phraya River while you are enchanting with the natural beauty cruising past the royal barge museum, the Grand palace, the Temple of dawn or Wat Arun Wat Rakang Wat Kalayamitr then back to the Pier  
16.30 Hrs. arrived to River Cruise Pier
" You feel very impressive with unforgettable memory, funny and Amusing tour for the casual atmosphere and the natural beauty that can’t to find out in your normal life. Let’s go with Bangkok Rice Barge River Cruise "

Welcome aboard “ Express Boat Chaopraya River ” and then our Captain will lead you to Chaophraya River with Visit Bangkok NOI Canal. Bangkok Canal Tour

To the right and the the left, Myriad of Local Sights, A living fantasy, A world unto its own. Bangkok Canal Tour.

To the right and the the left, Myriad of Local Sights, A living fantasy, A world unto its own. Bangkok Canal Tour.

Merchant boats floating along the bangkok noi canal sell drink and souvenir to tourists. Bangkok Canal Tour

Buy some bread for fish at Bangkok Noi Canal, Bangkok Canal Tour.

Welcome Aboard “ Rice Barge Cruise “ After visit Canal Trip already and then move to Rice Barge Cruise and served by Welcome Drink “ Maithai Drink ” with Thai Fruits Buffet onboard.

Welcome Drink “ Maithai Drink ” with Thai Fruits Buffet onboard. Bangkok Canal Tour.

Our Rice Barge Canal Tour  pass various  Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun , Temples etc.

Chaophraya River Bangkok, Bangkok Canal Tour.

BANGKOK CANAL TOUR by RICE BARGE  on Bangkok Cruises in Thailand on YOU TUBE


Tour Prices;
Adults 1,100 Baht
Childs    950 Baht

Price included;
- Welcome Drink ( Mai Thai  )
- English Speaking Guide.
- Thai Fruit Buffet Onboard
- Bangkok Canal Cruise Trip and Chaophraya River Trip 
( Bus Boat & Rice Barge Cruise )


About Khlong Bangkok Noi ( Bangkok Noi Canal )
Dubbed by Westerners at the time as the “Venice of East,” Bangkok is still an enchanting city, with the local people’s way of life closely aligned with the life-giving waterways. The charm of living along the banks of serene klong (canal) is much the same as in the past. Historical records point to Bangkok Noi Canal, in Bangkok Noi District being part of the majestic Chao Phraya River. This canal flows in a horseshoe shape through the old Bangkok Noi community in the Thonburi area.   The community was established in the Ayutthaya Period and King Chai Racha Dhiraj who ruled between 1534 and 1546, commanded the excavation of a shortcut waterway from Bangkok Noi Canal to Bangkok Yai Canalto facilitate transport and communications.  Along both banks of the Bangkok Noi Canal, visitors see orchid growers and places of cultural and historical significance. On a boat trip from the mouth of the canal near Thonburi railway station, it is possible to see the National Museum of Royal Barges on the right hand side. A place to stop and look at the barges used in the Royal Barge Procession – the most spectacular of waterfront events.
The boat trip takes in several major temples such as Wat Si Sudaram, which houses Thailand’s largest image of the Venerable Somdet Phra Phitthachan (To Phrommarangsi). Other interesting temples are Wat Suwannaram and Wat Nai Rong, famous for their old and magnificent murals. Before turning into the Chak Phra Canal you can see beautiful, traditional Thai houses with carved designs.Although cargo boats have turned to use the new route of the Chao Phraya River, the lively Khlong Bangkok Noi community still endures. It reflects a bygone Thai lifestyle, inextricably related with waterways, and a Thai identity handed down from generation to generation.

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