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River Sun Cruise  Ayutthaya River Cruise Day Tour, travel to Ayutthaya  Ancient Capital of Thailand by River Sun Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok 
 River Sun Cruise  
Ayutthaya Day Trip Tour from Bangkok, travel to Ayutthaya  Ancient Capital of Thailand by River Sun Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok

RIVER SUN CRUISE ; For your comfort and interest the  Ayutthaya Cruise , River Sun Cruise is provided for you with the River Sun Cruise and air conditioned coach. Along the enchanting Chao Phraya River ,

Have a Nice Day with RIVER SUN CRUISE, You will experience the simple living of people, their homes and some of the historic buildings. You will see the lush green paddy fields contrasting with the growing industrial areas.

One day trip to Ayutthaya by River Sun Cruise

RIVER SUN CRUISE , Wear able to take you back in time and provide you with first hand experienced of these historicWelcome to River Sun Cruise - Bangkok Ayutthaya Day Tour by Luxury Cruise with International Buffet Lunch onboard : Daily Departure from Bangkok to Ayutthaya wonders. With the expertise of our knowledgeable guides, you will be able to retrace the bath back to ancient Thailand. Returning to present day Bangkok there is a distinct contrast of the peace and tranquility of the temples and palaces of Ayutthaya . Our modern day capital is a hive of activity which captivates visitor of all ages and nationalities . As part of your tour, you will observed the colorful for your enjoyment and convenience. Morning Tour : Depart Bangkok by air- conditioned coach to Ayutthaya. Our journey take you past lush green paddy fields and areas of industrial expansion. Upon arrival. You will com face to face with  bygone glories and grandeur of our farmer capital, despite the ravages of time and human destruction, the ruins of the palaces, temples and pagodas still offer a glimpse of their splendid past ; After Noon Tour : Cruise back to Bangkok via the mighty Chao Phraya River onboard the air-conditioned  River Sun Cruise, taking in Scenes of everyday  Bangkok live as well  as significant Thai landmarks. A delicious Thai buffet International Lunch will be served for you to enjoy at your leisure followed by tea and coffee. All along  the enchanting Chao Phraya River. You will experience the sights of some of Bangkok ‘s people their work and their general daily lives. Throughout your tour with River Sun Cruise , you will encounter endless fascinating aspects of Thai life- past and present. It is our hop that your experiences remain with you long after you leave Thailand.
Thailand, the land of smiles, is a nation with a history spanning over 1,000 years. Before Bangkok, the provinces of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Thonburi, respectively, were the capitals of the country.
Ayutthaya Old City of Thailand, in particular, was a flourishing and prosperous capital. It remained an important city in Thailand for 417 years and during this period an abundance of palaces and temples were constructed as a token of its economic success. The ruins of temples and palaces of Ayutthaya, whether naturally worn by time or destroyed by activities of war, are a reflection of a golden and glorious past.Throughout the trip expert guides explain the history and legends of the respective sights, insuring a priceless visit for the tourist. The various sights have been carefully chosen for the visitor to make a comparative study of the past, the present and the natural beauty of Thailand’s countryside, making the visit an unforgettable experience. It is undoubtedly a complete program that combines what visitors want to know, touch, and record in memory not only though pictures of Thailand’s beauty but by experience, while at the same time being able to unwind.

Depart Bangkok by air- conditioned coach to Ayutthaya. Our journey take you past lush green paddy fields and areas of industrial expansion, Ayutthaya Day Tour River Sun Cruise, Bangkok Ayutthaya Full Day Tour, Bangkok,Thailand

Bang Pa In Summer Palace, Ayutthaya,Thailand

Head Buddha Image in Banyan Tree, Wat Mahatad,Ayutthaya,Bangkok

Wat Naphrameru  Ayutthaya , Ayutthaya River Cruise, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Lokaya Sutharam in Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya River Cruise, Thailand.

Welcome aboard “ River Sun Cruise“,Ayutthaya Day Tour,Bangkok,Thailand.

River Sun Cruise , Travel and Service it 's Best  

06.30 AM.      

Pick up from hotels in Bangkok .

07:30 AM. 

Depart by river sun cruise ’s coach from Bangkok to Ayutthaya  

09:00 AM. 

Arrive at the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, built during the Ayutthaya . The palace is beautifully decorated in both traditional Chinese and European style.  

10:30 AM. 

River Sun Cruise brings you a combination of both the ruins and the remaining historical Attractions of Ayutthaya .
- Wat Maha That
- Wat Na Phra Mane
- Wat Lokayasutharam
Departure from  Wat Lokayasutharam for the River Sun Cruise

13.30 PM.  


Arrival  at the River Sun Cruise pier , Traditional Temple pier at Wat Chong Lom Pier , Welcome aboard River Sun Cruise with Buffet Lunch : " Delicious Meals served in the luxurious surroundings of the cruise boat". A full menu of Thai and European cuisines, desserts, seasonal fruits, coffee, and tea. Throughout the journey you are able to watch the Chao Phraya River banks scenery from the River Sun Cruise, either on deck in the fresh cool tropical air or from the refreshing air-conditioned passenger room Either view you get an amazing ling clear view of the life of the inhabitants that dwell along the river with River Sun Cruise, and the unforgettable scenery of children as they greet the visitors going by, making it an altogether worth while experience.

15.45 PM. 

Arriving at the Bangkok 

River Sun Cruise Ayutthaya River Cruise Day Tour

International buffet lunch and coffee break onboard “ River Sun Cruise“,Ayutthaya Day Tour,Bangkok,Thailand.

Ayutthaya Day Tour by Coach and Return by River Sun Cruise , Ayutthaya Day Tour , Thailand.

AYUTTHAYA DAY TOUR by RIVER CRUISE on Bangkok Cruises in Thailand on YOU TUBE



Price Includes 



- Sight Seeing Tour as program
- All admission fee as stated in Ayutthaya program. - English speaking guide.
- Thai & International buffet lunch on river sun cruise
- Coffee Break or tea on river sun cruise 
-  River Sun Cruise trip & English speaking guide
- Transfer  From hotel ( Vice Versa )



Remarks: Child under 10 Year.
Please do not wear shorts, sandals or no-sleeves.


During this tour, visits will be made to a former Royal Palace and areas of religious significance. Therefore, appropriate attire is required.
* No shorts
* No flip flops, slippers or open toe shoes.
* Shoulders must be covered
* T-shirts are permitted
* No culottes or 3/4 pants
* No figure hugging clothes, aerobics or exercise dress
* No sports wear (ie. tracksuits)
* No see through clothing
* Ladies can wear trousers (to the ankle)
* Jeans are allowed for both men and women
* If visitor wishes to wear shorts for the tour, a sarong or similar may have to be worn at certain points.

  Cruise in Thailand by Thailand River Cruise with service for Bangkok Dinner Cruise , Ayutthaya River Cruise, Canal Tour, Private Cruise Party. CHAOPHRAYA RIVER ATTRACTION WITH AYUTTHAYA DAY TOUR. 
  Kohkred Island, Nonthaburi Province ( เกาะเกร็ด )  Kohkred Island, Nonthaburi Province ( เกาะเกร็ด )
Koh Kred is a tiny island in the Chao Phraya River, located in Nonthaburi Province,  On this island " Kohkred " live a community of craftmen famous for their distinctive style of pottery which dates back many centuries. The potteries are known for their fine,red-black glazed surface and intricate design. They are all hand-made piece-by-piece and you can see the process.People live on Koh Kred  and nearby are the descendants of the Mon people, and they have managed to retain the skills of their forefathers Kohkred nonthaburi province.
  Rama 8 Bridge - Rama VIII Bridge, Bangkok. ( สะพานพระราม 8 )  Rama 8 Bridge - Rama VIII Bridge, Bangkok. ( สะพานพระราม 8 ) Rama 8 Bridge,The Rama VIII Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. It was conceived to alleviate traffic congestion on the nearby Phra Pinklao Bridge. Construction of the bridge took place from 1999 to 2002. The bridge was opened on 7 May 2002 and inaugurated on 20 September, which is the birth anniversary of the late King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), after whom it is named. The bridge has an asymmetrical design, with a single pylon in an inverted Y shape
  located on the western bank of the river. Its eighty-four cables are arranged in pairs on the side of the main span and in a single row on the other. The bridge has a main span of 300 metres (980 ft), and was one of the world’s largest asymmetrical cable-stayed bridges at the time of its completion.  
  Rama 8 Bridge - Rama VIII Bridge, Bangkok. ( สะพานพระราม 8 )  Phra Pin Klao Bridge, Bangkok ( สะพานปิ่นเกล้า )
The Phra Pin-klao Bridge is a bridge over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, in Thailand near the Grand Palace. It is named after Pinklao, vice-king of Siam 1851-66.The bridge was opened on September 24, 1973.
  Wat Rakang Kositaram, Bangkok. ( วัดระฆังโฆษิตาราม )  Wat Rakang Kositaram, Bangkok. ( วัดระฆังโฆษิตาราม )
Wat Rakang Kositaram (Temple of the Bells, formerly known as Wat Bang Wa Yai), is one of the 32 temples in Bangkok Noi District and is one of the most significant. The temple was built during the Ayutthaya period, later it was reconstructed and upgraded as a Royal Temple by King Taksin. The main features of the temple is the bell tower, because of those bells give the name temple "Rakang" (in Thai mean Bell).The temple was named "Temple of the Bells" due to the discovery of a huge bell at this temple in the reign of King Rama I.
   The Royal Grand Palace - Wat Phrakaew, Bangkok. ( พระบรมหาราชวัง - วัดพระแก้ว )  The Royal Grand Palace - Wat Phrakaew, Bangkok. ( พระบรมหาราชวัง - วัดพระแก้ว )
The Royal Grand Palace was built by King rama I The first King of Bangkok Dynasty, by the year 1782 and took 2 Years to be done. The palace was done by the year 1784. There magnificant Buildings are the Royal and Religious Heart of the Nation. At the same compound with the palace also has the must beautiful Buddhist temple named the temple of Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaeo. But infact The Emerald Buddha Image was made from The whole pecice of jade.The image wan found At Chiengrai province on the northern
  past of Thailand. Once was took to Laos, and was kept There over zoo years. King rama I took the image back to Thailand and housed at the temple of Emerald Buddha until at the present. The royal Grand palace was built in real Thai style. As you come to Bangkok don t miss the Grand palace.
  Temple of Dawn  Wat Arun " Temple of Down " , Bangkok. ( วัดอรุณราชวราราม หรือ วัดแจ้ง ) Wat Arun or the temple of Dawn is located on the Western bank of the Chau Phaya River. It s richly Decorated 79 meters high and got influence from Cambodia. Pagoda or "Phra - Prang" is particularly beautiful in the soft light of early morning or sunset and the Prang was decorated with Chinese procelain over 1 million pieces . Temple of Dawn got this name because King Taksin the great. The only one King of Thonburi dynaoty flouted along this river and stopped In front of this temple early morning So the king named This temple " Temple of Dawn".
  Wat Kanlayanamit , Bangkok. ( วัดกัลยามิตร )  Wat Kanlayanamit , Bangkok. ( วัดกัลยามิตร )
Wat Kalayanamitr Varamahavihara is a Buddhist temple (wat) in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is located in Wat Kanlaya sub-district, on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River. The temple was established in 1825 by Chaophraya Nikonbodin who donated the temple to Rama III. Chaophraya Nikonbodin was an ancestor of the Kalayanamitr family, whose descendants include Saprang Kalayanamitr. A poem inscribed in the temple readsThe massive temple is close to the river on the Thonburi side, This is a mid-nineteenth century temple one of the most prominent temples along the Chao Phraya River Bangkok.
  Memorial Bridge, Bangkok. ( สะพานพุทธ )  Memorial Bridge, Bangkok. ( สะพานพุทธ )
The Memorial Bridge is a bridge over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, in Thailand, connecting the districts Phra Nakhon and Thonburi.The bridge was opened on 6 April 1932, by King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Chakri Dynasty and the foundation of Bangkok, shortly before the Siamese Coup d’état on 24 June 1932. In English the bridge is commonly known as Memorial Bridge, however in Thai it is most commonly known as Phra Phutta Yodfa Bridge after King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke (Rama I), the first king of the Chakri
  Dynasty. Construction of the bridge was started on 3 December 1929 by Dorman Long, Middlesbrough, England. The bridge used to have a moving mechanism, which is now disused.On 5 June 1944 as part of the bombing of Bangkok in World War II, a force of B-29 Super fortresses, in a test of their capabilities before being deployed against the Japanese home islands, were targeted against the bridge. The bombs fell over two kilometers away damaging no civilian structures, but downed some tram lines and destroyed a Japanese military hospital and the Japanese secret police headquarters. It was not until 1947 that Thai authorities learned of the intended target.
  The Holy Rosary Church , Bangkok. (วัดแม่พระลูกประคำ หรือ วัดกาลหว่าร์ )  The Holy Rosary Church , Bangkok. (วัดแม่พระลูกประคำ หรือ วัดกาลหว่าร์ ) The Holy Rosary Church is Located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, is one of the oldest Catholic Church in Bangkok, It is more widely known by ist older name Wat kalawar.
Holy Rosary Church or the Kalwar Church, is an ancient Roman Catholic church whose history began in the Rattanakosin period. Built in western Roman Cross or Latin Cross style  the church is located on the bank overlooking the Chao Phraya river.
   The 5 Star River Hotels Bangok. ( โรงแรมระดับ 5 ดาว ริมน้ำเจ้าพระยา )  The 5 Star River Hotels Bangok. ( โรงแรมระดับ 5 ดาว ริมน้ำเจ้าพระยา ) 
The River Cruise will lead you passing five star hotel, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, The Orientel Hotel, Peninsular Hotel and Shangri-la Hotel affter that returning to River City Sriphraya Pier Bangkok.

Bangkok Dinner Cruise by River Sun Cruise on Special Day and Private Party Dinner Cruise

Bangkok Dinner Cruise Prvate Party Dinner Cruise along Chao Phraya River , Bangkok, Thailand
River Sun Cruise - Ayutthaya River CruiseSpecial Cruise Program of River Sun Cruise
: Private Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River.
The River Sun Cruise is a large tourist cruise. Her regular duty is to escort all Thai and foreign tourists to cruise along the Chao Phraya River to visit Ayutthaya at day and to charter for parties by night.
The style of party is entirely up to the customer. Whether they are happy with entertaining themselves in the Karaoke Lobby or dancing the night away in the discotheque.
The interior on the River Sun Cruise is decorated in a rich classical Thai style. And with over 10 years experience, our professional staff provide guests with a warm and friendly service.
River Sun Cruise has served more than half a million guests over the last decade. We are very proud of our service and intend to continue as such long into the future

River Sun Cruise - Ayutthaya River CruiseBangkok Dinner Cruise Private Party Dinner
Dinner Cruise Party at time:18.30 hrs. – 20.30 hrs. 
Depart from the River City Shopping Complex Pier. ( River Sun Cruise Pier )
Pass the fantastic landmarks of Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, and the Royal Grand Palace elegant like an angel in the city at night.
Pass the King Rama IX suspension bridge. Have a panoramic look at one of the world’s longest bridges, as shown in many leading magazines around the world.
Throughout the 3-hour party, River Sun Cruise provides delicious food as well as entertainment supported by the cruise personnel.
The style of entertainment is entirely up to the visitor. If you wish to take part in the Karaoke the facilities are available, or if you prefer to be entertained in a discotheque the facilities are also available. Both can be enjoyed to full extent!
The round trip is impressive and delightful. And on arrival back at the River City Complex, the smiles on the faces of the people as they leave the cruise are testimony to this.
The River Sun Cruise is an angel of the Chao Phraya River, she creates an effortlessly magnificent party for you at a very economical price.

River Sun Cruise : Private Party Dinner Cruise in Bangkok   River Sun Cruise : Private Party Dinner Cruise in Bangkok

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