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Christmas Bangkok Dinner Cruise on Christmas 's Day  Bangkok Thailand
Christmas Bangkok Dinner Cruise on Cristmas 's Day with Chao phraya Princess Cruise in Bangkok Thailand 

Happy Chistmas EVE NIGHT and Romancetic Dinner Cruise in Bangkok on Chistmas Eve 's Day Bangkok Thailand with Chaophraya Princess Cruise, A sense of wonder on the exquisite Chao Phraya River Dinner cruises in Bangkok Thailand. Upon you first step on the Chao Phraya Princess, you will discover the wonder of the splendour of both oriental and occidental art decors on the Boat 

CHAOPHRAYA PRINCESS CRUISE,The atmosphere is comfortable and romantic with a saxophone solo off from the River City pier and passes a number of remarkable landmarks, such as the river bangkok attraction , Temple of Dawn, the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Bang Khunprom Palace, Kanlayanamitr Temple, Krungthon Bridge, and the Oriental Hotel and five star river hotel. You will be fascinated with all the adorning lights all the way until our cruise terminates at Shangri-la Hotel.    

Christmas EVE Dinner Cruise Bangkok  "Crusing along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand " by Chaophraya Princess Cruise Bangkok Thailand.

Chistmas EVE Dinner Cruise Chaphraya Princess Cruise
Celebrate the Festival of Love " Romantic Dinner Cruise on Valentine Night Bangkok 07.00 pm. Check in at Chaopraya Princess Cruise 'Counter ( River City Pier )
07.20 pm. Departure from River City Pier
08.00 pm. Refreshment with welcome drink and enjoy international buffet with Romantic Love Song along the Chaophraya River Bangkok
09.20 pm. Chaophraya Princess Cruise take you back to River City Pier " Good Night Chistmas Night "

Adults Price: 1,800 Baht 
Childs Price: 1,200 Baht

- Welcome Drink. " Christmas Night Drink " 
- International Buffet Dinner. 
- English Announcement.
- Chaophraya Princes Cruise Trip 2 hrs. 

CHAOPHRAYA PRINCESS CRUISE on Bangkok Cruises in Thailand on YOU TUBE

Chao Phraya Princess Cruises
Chaophraya Princess Cruise Bangkok Dinner Cruise, A touch of world class Bangkok Dinner Cruise in Bangkok Thailand Dine on a stylish modern luxurious cruise. View the historical landmarks on a Bangok river cruise along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and experience the beautiful night sceneries with a romantic atmosphere on our dinner cruise in the middle of Bangkok,Thailand. 

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise
1 : Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 1 was built since 1991. The size is 10 meters in width, 41 meters long and 300 tons in weight. The cruise can support up to a maximum of 250 passengers and is divided up into two decks. The lower deck is an air conditioned room that can carry 120 seated passengers while the upper deck is opened air and can support 130 seated passengers. The architectural design is a mixture of traditional Thai art with modern art, elegant and unique, creating the perfect atmosphere to blend in with the surroundings of the river. The materials used on the floor are well selected marble that emphasizes the beauty of the natural patterns. The cruise has plenty of space for you to walk around and take photos. There are clean well designed toilets on the upper deck. Our cruise follows strict laws of safety and ensures you a safe journey as we have standard fire extinguishers installed to various areas of the cruise. Moreover there are safety floaters installed at every seat beneath your dining table. Your delicious meal is prepared by our famous chefs in our modern kitchen and we have an extravagant bar that serves you your favorite beverages and cocktails. If you are interested to have a romantic dinner on this cruise, feel free to make a reservation through our website. It's quick and easy.  

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 2 : Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 2 was built up in 2007. The size is 10 meters in width, 48 meters in length and 370 tons in weight. It features 500 horse powered engines amounting to 2 engines. The boat can carry 300 passengers and is divided into two decks. The upper deck is opened air and supports 180 passengers. The lower deck is air-conditioned and supports 120 passengers. This cruise stresses on large areas for outside viewing. The floor is paved with luxurious, modern styled marbles. Our chefs aim to prepare international dishes, be it appetizers, main-course dishes or desserts. Our dazzling bar serves various drinks such as whisky, beer, wine, cocktail, fruit juice or soft drink. You will be entertained with live music by our talented young musicians from the moment you board our cruise. There are safety floaters installed under your dining tables and standard fire extinguishers installed to different sections of the cruise to ensure your safety. Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 2 will be happy to organize parties and banquets for you.

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 3 :   Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 3 was built in 2005. It is 11 meters in width, 53 meters in length and weighs 469 tons. It features 500 horse powered engines amounting to 2 engines. Chao Phraya Princess 3 is the latest and largest cruise of the company. Its interior aesthetics are modern-styled, emphasizing on a sensation of luxury and comfort. The cruise can support 350 seated passengers. The cruise's lower deck is air conditioned and can hold up to 150 passengers while the upper deck is opened air and can hold another 200 passengers. There is a prow most suitable for taking photos. Up front of the cruise lies a broad area, also known to be the dance floor for passengers to engage in various activities. The cruise ensures all passengers' safety; the boat has standard fire extinguishers installed in different areas and safety floaters are placed under all dining tables and available for all passengers. There kitchen prepares delicious international dishes to serve you throughout the trip. Our bar serves and mixes drinks ranging from water, soft drinks, cocktail, beer and wine. We are most delighted to introduce our musicians that will entertain you throughout the night with live music from our high standard karaoke stereo sound systems. 

Royal Chao Phraya Princess Cruise : Royal Chao Phraya Princess Cruise was built up in 2000. The size is 10 meters in width, 50 meters in length and 420 tons in weight. It features 640 horse powered engines amounting to 2 engines. It can carry 300 passengers altogether. The upper deck can support 180 passengers and the lower deck can support 120 passengers. The boat's interiors are Thai-oriented and contemporary in design. The first floor is paved with polished marble meanwhile the second floor is paved with carpet and parquet. The unique feature of Royal Chao Phraya Princess is both the upper and lower deck is air-conditioned. There is an area for sight seeing and relaxation in the front section of the upper deck. The prow draws you closer to the current and is ideal for picture-taking. Apart from the standard fire extinguishers installed throughout our boat and the safety floaters available for all passengers, there are water-storage tanks and a radar-detective system both placed under the hull. Our staffs would be delighted to organize banquets and parties on a trip to your desired destination. We welcome you to join a journey onto Royal Chao Phraya Princess that will wield and imprint traditional Thai atmosphere into your memory eternally.   

Cruise in Thailand by Thailand River Cruise with service for Bangkok Dinner Cruise , Ayutthaya River Cruise, Canal Tour, Private Cruise Party. RIVER COLORFUL REFLECTION OF BANGKOK DINNER CRUISE 
At night, many intersection sights along the river are tit up to give you an opportunity to see fresh vistas impollible to experience in the day time. Old temples, palaces and communities along the river banks tells us the livelihood of the people and had led to the birth of civilization. See the Grand Palace and Rama Vill Bridge, an impressive sight with its single inverted Y-shape tower, sleek superstructure, and gold –colored  cables arranged on both single and double planes, This asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge elegantly crosses the Chao Phraya River to alleviate traffic congestion on both the Bangkok and Thonburi sides and to honor the beloved royal brother, King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), the eighth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty. Attraction of Chaophrya River at Nights;
The Royal Grand Palace
The Royal Grand Palace was built by King rama I The first King of Bangkok Dynasty, by the year 1782 and took 2 Years to be done. The palace was done by the year 1784. There magnificant Buildings are the Royal and Religious Heart of the Nation. At the same compound with the palace also has the must beautiful Buddhist temple named the temple of Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaeo. But infact The Emerald Buddha Image was made from The whole pecice of jade.The image wan found At Chiengrai province on the northern past of Thailand. Once was took to Laos, and was kept There over zoo years. King rama I took the image back to Thailand and housed at the temple of Emerald Buddha until at the present. The royal Grand palace was built in real Thai style. As you come to Bangkok don t miss the Grand palace.
Wat Arun " Temple of Down "
Wat Arun or the temple of Dawn is located on the Western bank of the Chau Phaya River. It s richly Decorated 79 meters high and got influence from Cambodia. Pagoda or "Phra - Prang" is particularly beautiful in the soft light of early morning or sunset and the Prang was decorated with Chinese procelain
over 1 million pieces . Temple of Dawn got this name because King Taksin the great. The only one King of Thonburi dynaoty flouted along this river and stopped In front of this temple early morning So the king named This temple " Temple of Dawn"
Wat kanlayanamit
The massive temple is close to the river on the Thonburi side, This is a mid-nineteenth century temple and one of the most prominent temples along the Chao Phraya River,

The Holy Rosary Church
Located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, is one of the oldest Catholic Church in Bangkok, It is more widely known by ist older name Wat kalawar.
Bang Khunprom Palace
Once in the past, it was the palace of Royal Prince of King Rama V. This historic palace has beautiful, classical architectural style and charming ornament both its building and design. Today under well preservation, it is the National Bank Museum where ancient currencies are displayed.

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