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Private Boat Party Dinner Cruise Bangkok,Thailand

Private Luxury Cruise Bangkok Thailand Large Modern Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand.

Welcome aboard Private Dinner Cruise Bangkok, Enjoy to YourPrivate Luxury Cruise bangkok Thailand Large Modern Dinner Cruise. CPP5 Cruise Private Charters Available for Your Corporate Function and Private Party Cruise in Bangkok Thailand.

       Boat Rental Bangkok - Charter Cruise Bangkok for Private Party Dinner Cruise Charter Cruise Service for  Birthdays Party Boat , Wadding Party Boat,anniversary  party cruise and Special  Event planning  onboard etc.  Special THANK !!  
ขอบพระคุณมากครับ - Thank You very much Customer - Group Name :  HP INTERNATIONAL MEETING BANGKOK THAILAND.
Private Cruise Program  
Private Thank You Party Dinner Cruise to Clients
Cruising Time 
19.50 hrs. - 21.50 Hrs. 
Type of food 
Inter National Buffet Dinner 
Attraction and Highlights of cruise 
Grand Palace – Temple of Dawn – Rama 8 Bridge    
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 Thai River Cruise  PRIVATE Bangkok Private Boat Charter Private Luxury Dinner Cruise Chaophraya River Bangkok
-19.45 Hrs. Clients Register for Dinning Cruise Bangkok  at  Asiatique and Boarding to Our Cruise , Welcome abaord " HP INTERNATIONAL MEETING PARTY BANGKOK THAILAND  Party Dinner and Thank You Party Dinner Cruise Bangk" by our guide and charming girl in typical Thai culture with warmly smiles, serving you with special welcome drink to everybody onboard. and then departure from the Asiatique Pier , While our Cruise will cruising you along Chaophrya River .  Enjoy a delicious International Buffet Dinner,clients enjoy to see and a touch of  the beautiful scenery on both side of Chao Phraya River. Our Cruise will lead you up to Rama 8 Bridge  you will have an unique opportunity to get Some snapshot of the two most wonderful night spot in Bangkok, Wat Arun ( The Temple of Dawn ) and the Grand Palace & the Emerald Buddha Temple, then view of Color light decoration on the River Side.
  - 21.50 Hrs. Arrive at Asiatique ’s Pier.

Departure from Asiatique Pier

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Bangkok Private Cruise Charter Private Large Luxury Dinner Cruise on Bangkok Cruises in Thailand on YOU TUBE

Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand 
Palace & Temple Bangkok
In the early days, the Chaophraya River was used as a major communication, transportation, and commercial artery, Owing to the conveniences it offered, many people settled by the river, Temples (Or wat in Thai) sacred places of warship, were also built on the river banks On the Chaop Phraya River, you can hardly miss the 
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Grand Palace Bangkok
With European in spired designs (except for the roof), the Grand Palace is nowadays used only for important occasions such as coronations, royal birthdays, and the reception of foreign dignitaries, The Grand Palace is the pre-eminent symbol of monarchy in Thailand. A world famous landmark and one of the mast photographed places in Thailand is also found on the banks of the Chao Phraya River 
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn Bangkok
On the west side of the river, It is best known for its sparking porcelain-studded central pagoda (Phra Prang). Dating from the pagoda (Phra Prang). Dating from the Ayutthaya Period, the temple served as the royal chapel during the Thonburi reign of King Taksin. Another magnificent edifice on the Chao Phraya River is 
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Wat kanlayanamit Bangkok
The massive temple is close to the river on the Thonburi side, This is a mid-nineteenth century temple and one of the most prominent temples along the Chao Phraya River, 
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand HERITAGE RESCIDENCES  Bangkok
Bangkhunphrom Palace is a western style palace by the chao phraya River Combining Renaissance and Rococo art, this palace is renowned for its elegance, architectural and artistic qualities, The palace is now a part of the Bank of Thailand,
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand The wawet Palace Bangkok
And its riverside pavilion is under the care of the Bank of Thailand Museum.
Set on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in the heart of Old Bangkok,
Chakrabongse Villas
Consists of three private apartments set in the luxuriant gardens of chakrabongse House, Within this tranquil location, visitors can escape from the hostile and bustle of modern-day Bangkok.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Commerce Bangkok
As the Chao Phraya River, in the olden days, was also the centre for trading, it is not surprising that there were commercial zones of multicultural diversity, Around the corner is a community of Indo-Thai Muslims called theWhite Mosque and Red Mosque
Thai-Chinese communities can be seen throughout the country. Most of them were bustling commercial districts such as 
Yaowarat Bangkok
On Bangkok side and Huay Jung Long, a busy steam boat pier since the fourth reign, on Thonburi side,
Talad Noi
Has been in existence since the city’s early history, it is a buzzing and colouful market enriched with wetern architecture such as Siam Commercial Bank Building and the Holy Rosary Church.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Commercial bank Bangkok
The first commercial bank of Thailand is located on the river bank, it was designed by Annibale Rigotti, an ltalian architect, This beautiful building constructed beteen 1606 and 1910. Open weekdays, 08.30 – 17.00 hrs. Admission is free.
The Holy Rosary Church
Located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, is one of the oldest Catholic Church in Bangkok, It is more widely known by ist older name Wat kalawar.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand RIVER OF SIAM  Bangkok
The Chao Phraya River plays many roles in Thai life and in fact it is regarded as the principle artery of the nation. Much of Thai history can be traced along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. As if flows, the river carries with it the history and culture of the country.
Crafted centuries ago since the first reign, the royal barges were for important royal or religious accession, Each garge is carved from a huge piece of teak with prows carved into mythical creatures of the Ramayana epic. They are gilded in gold and intricately decorated with tiny shimmering pieces of glass, Today, the country’s most stunning royal barges can be viewed at the Royal Barges National Museum.
The Memorial Bridge is a double-leaf bascule steel structure, it was built at the behest of king Rama Vill on the occasion of the city’s 150th anniversary, On the Bangkok side is a bronze
Monument of King Rama I the Great
In front is a concrete wall with a marble plaque bearing the legend, “pathom Boromma ratcha chakri Wong” (Founder of the Chakri Dynasty) together with a carved depiction of elephants.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand RIVER OF LIVE  Bangkok
Like a main road’s side streets, the Chao Phraya Rive has canal offshoots, A river is called maenam in Thai and a canal is a klong. Klong Bangkok Noi branches out from the Chaoo Phraya River. It flows in a horse-shoe shape through the old Bangkok Noi Community in the Thonburi area which used to be an agricultural zone. The lifestyle of the community was simple, To this day, it remains unchanged and there are still paces on the canal’s banks where people maintain their traditional lifestyle, 
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Tailing Chan Floating Market Bangkok
Possesses its endless attration to thais and foreigners alike, The life of the residents by the Chakphra Canal still retains the atmosphere and style of true nature reflecting the attachment to the river of the capital dwellers,. This market, which operates on Saturdays and Sundays 09.00 – 17.00 hrs. only, is located in front of the Tailing Chan District Office in the west of Bangkok. The market is accessible by air-con bus No. 79. Additionally, long-tail boat trips along the canals are available. In Putthamonthon District, nakhon Pathom Province, board a local boat for a journey along Klong Mahasawat, passing landscape characterzed by rice fields, kitchen gardens and vegetable plots, orchards, plantations and farms, the produce of which is delivered to the fresh and all-day markets of Nakhon Pathom Provinec. This is a provincial hub, farm produce is sold in ths natural state or processed info a rage of enticing local delicacies.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand RIVER COLORFUL REFLECTION  BANGKOK
At night, many intersection sights along the river are tit up to give you an opportunity to see fresh vistas impollible to experience in the day time. Old temples, palaces and communities along the river banks tells us the livelihood of the people and had led to the birth of civilization.
See the Grand Palace and Rama Vill Bridge, an impressive sight with its single inverted Y-shape tower, sleek superstructure, and gold –colored
cables arranged on both single and double planes, This asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge elegantly crosses the Chao Phraya River to alleviate traffic congestion on both the Bangkok and Thonburi sides and to honor the beloved royal brother, King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), the eighth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise along Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand FESTIVITY BY THE RIVER  BANGKOK
Folk- plays and traditional rites still existing today clearly reflect the indispensable bond between the Thais and the fields, rivers and streams and the national religion,-Buddhism. Virtually every month of the year sees the holding of traditional activities of the villagers and farmers which demonstrate these relationships, events such as the Festival of Lights or Loy Krathong Festival Provides a romantic and fascinating experience, During this festival, people thank The God of Water and make a wish before they release elaborately decorated and candlelit floats on rivers and canals, Imaging the Chao Phraya in the dark and covered with millions of flickering lights, Many of Bangkok’s clubs will be alive on New year’s Eve, But New Year’s Eve On the Chao Phraya River will give you a memorable evening. There are multiple dinner cruised to choose from. You can have a romantic candlelit dinner with light entertainment or join the New Year’s countdown while dancing down the river. Whatever your choice, you’ll have a great view of the fireworks and the imposing vistas of history on both side of the River of Kings.
Even today, the river is an important artery to the heart of Bangkok, You can hire a water taxi (long- tailed boat or hang yao in Thai) and visit a number of idyllic sports, Be part of the timeless bustle of the picturesque Chao Phraya River – The River Of Kings. Bangkok has every thing you would imagine and exotic Asian destination to be. Bangkok deserved to be called  “City of Angels “because it is nothing short of a paradise on Earth. Blessed with beautiful culture and arts this River Side Capital has traditional attraction that definitely can take your breath away. Check out the remarkable at River Attraction
with River Cruise Trip, all proudly recommended by Bangkok Chaophraya River Cruise Tour and Package with as Daily River Cruise Tour and Package.

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