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Ayutthaya Attractions , Tourist Attractions in Ayutthaya.
  " Old City and World Heritage in Thailand " 
Ayutthaya or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, one of Thailand ’s historical and majestic highlights.
Ayutthaya Attraction, Ayutthaya Old City of Thailand. Serving as the Thai capital for 417 years (1350 1767 :  Kingdom of Ayutthaya )  it was once glorified as one of the biggest cities in the world a Southeast Asia center for civilizations. During the 17th century

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Ayutthaya Thailand, Most foreign visitors to Ayutthaya, traders or diplomats alike, claimed Ayutthaya to be the most illustrious and glittering city that they had ever visited. The map of Ayutthaya published in 1691 by Simon de la Loub?re in Du Royaume De Siam is proof of such recognition. The Kingdom of Ayutthaya reached its apex in terms of sovereignty, military might, wealth, culture, and international commerce in the 16th century when the Kingdoms territory was extended far beyond present-day Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Phra Thinang Aisawan Thipaya, Summer Palace,Ayutthaya,Thailand   Beautiful mixture of Oriental and Western Architecture Style

Ayutthaya even had diplomatic relations with Louis XIV of France and was courted by Dutch, Portuguese, English, Chinese and Japanese merchants. Visitors can explore and appreciate Thai history in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, which is situated only 86 kilometers north of Bangkok.Visitors to Ayutthaya can marvel at its grandeur reflected through numerous magnificent structures and ruins concentrated in and around the city island surrounded by Maenam Chao Phraya, Maenam Pa Sak and Maenam Lopburi. More importantly,Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park, an extensive historical site in the heart of Ayutthaya city, has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 13 December, 1991. 
Bang – Pa – In Palace or Summer Palace ; In the reign of King Naresuan, as King Ekathosarot sailed along the Chao Phraya River, he got shipwrecked on his way back. He swam to the “Lane Island” where he met his concubine named “In”. Later she gave birth to a son who was looked after by Phrayasithumathirat. Some historian said that the boy became King Songthum. In 1632 King Phrasat   Thong  had delicated his old residence to construct the Chumphon Nikayaram Temple, then had a pond dug , and Phra Thinang Aisawan Thiphaya At was constructed. The name “Bang – Pa – In” originated from the name of “ Prince In”, an out throne son of King Phrasat Thong, who performed the tonsorial ceremony on this island. Bang – Pa – In Island was the place for the Royal Barge Procession of King Rachathibodi who governed Ayutthaya City. However, when the new capital was established in Bangkok, Bang – Pa – In Palace was deserted for over 80 years. It was only during King Rama IV’s reign that Bang – Pa – In Palace was again visited by kings. King Rama IV stayed there and had a house built in the old palace compound. His son, King Rama V who liked the place, constructed the royal palace in 1872 as it is seen and went to stay there every year by boat or by special train. The palace consists of 5 Royal Residences (Phra Thinang) as; Phra Thinang Aisawan Thipaya At, Phra Thinang Warophat Phiman, Phra Thinang Wehart Chumrun, Phra Thinang Withun Tasana and Phra Thinang Uthayan Phumisathian.

Watniwet Thammaprawat , Ayutthaya Attraction ,Ayutthaya, Thailand   Watniwet Thammaprawat , Ayutthaya Attraction ,Ayutthaya, Thailand

Wat Niwet Thammaprawat ;The location of this monastery is the central island of Chao Phraya River, opposite the palace. This ordination hall was designed as a church of Gothic art. The inner decoration was the western style. The principal Buddha image, Phra Buddha Naruemon Dharmopath, and his disciples’ foundation distinguished from other monasteries, was made as the cross’ foundation in the church. The windows were in arched shape. The most beautiful royal portrait of King Rama V invented in the green glass is seen in front of The Buddha image wall. On the right of the ordination hall is Gandhra Buddha image’s shrine, requesting the rain and ancient Seated Buddha image protected by naga’s shrine in Lopburi period and was designed by the khmer craftsmen.

 Wat Yai Chaimonkol; Ayutthaya Attraction , Ayutthaya , Thailand.   Many Buddha Image Surrounding in Wat Yai Chaiya Mongkol ; Wat Yai Chaiya Mongkol,  Ayutthaya Attraction , Ayutthaya , Thailand.

Wat Yai Chaimongkhon ; In 1357 after Chao Keow and Chao Thai were cremated, King U – Thong converted Pagoda and Wihara into a monastery named “Wat Pa Keow” for the order of monks who practiced meditation. Then it was called “Wat Chao Phraya Thai” according to the name of Somdej Phrawanarat, who was the patriarch of the monks. In 1592 when King Naresuan, the Great, defeated his enemy in single combat on an elephant, Somdej Phra Wannarat asked for his forgiveness to the warriors who could not follow him in combat. He also asked the King to build big pagodas at Nongsarai Sub-district in Supanburi and at Wat Pakaew to celebrate his victory to match Phukhao Thong pagoda that was built by King of Burma. This pagoda is about 60 meters high in Ceylonese style named “Phra Chedi Chai Mongkhon”. Normally it is called “Phra Chedi Yai” or Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon now.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet,Ayutthaya Attraction,Ayutthaya,Thailand.   Wat Phra Si Sanphet,Ayutthaya Attraction,Ayutthaya,Thailand.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet ; Located in the grand palace compound, it was used as a residential palace since the reign of King Ramathibodi I (Phra Chao U – Thong). In 1448, during the reign of King Borom Trai Lokanath , it was dedicated as the royal chapel. The prominence of this monastery is the three pagodas in which the ashes of three Kings – King Borom Trai Lokanath, King Borom Rachathirat III and King Ramathibodi II, were enshrined.

Vihara Pra Mongkhonbophit;Ayutthaya Attraction,Ayutthaya,Thailand   Vihara Pra Mongkhonbophit;Ayutthaya Attraction,Ayutthaya,Thailand.

Vihara Pra Mongkhonbophit ; Pra Mongkhonbophit is made of brick covered with bronze and gilt. It is assumed it was built in the reign of Somdej Phra Chairacha in 1538, enshrined outdoor at Wat Chichiang. Later on, King Song-Tham had the Buddha image moved to the south-west of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet and covered with Mondopa. Wihara Phra Mongkhonbophit was baddly burnt in 1767, the lotus bud and the right hand of the image were broken down. In the reign of King Rama V Phraya Boranrachthanin, former Ayutthaya governer, restored the image with stucco and gilt. This image, in the attitude of Subduing mara, is one of the biggest Buddha images in Thailand

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